We are ready to help you.

Digital Fuel is a group of motivated, excited and experienced guys who got together and said, “We can make the web better!”  We’ve been around the web world for a collective 20+ years, and have worked on large networks, large servers, and large web sites.  We’ve done small too, if that’s where you’re at.

“What can you do?”

We’ve done development work on sites like Crosswalk.com and Christianity.com.  We’ve built numerous web sites for small businesses and churches.  Our list of technology expertise includes ASP.Net and PHP.  It includes Apache and IIS, MySql and Microsoft SQL, Linux and Windows.   If you don’t have any idea what those things are, then you don’t need to, other than to know that we’ve “been around the block”, and that we can work with just about anything you’re going to need.  We also provide managed podcasting services, and mobile development on iOS or Android.  Here’s an example app that we’ve built.

“So, you’re targeting big metro companies?”

Absolutely not!  We love working with smaller companies.  We are local to the Decatur, Illinois area.  Surprisingly we think this is a great area to raise our families and impact a community.  We do that through our work with churches and ministries, and by getting our hands dirty with projects like Decatur Helps.  We’re a hard working bunch, but we all believe our lives are worth more than our work, and more than any money we may make.  Our lives mean something, and that’s why we provide exceptional value in our work.

“What work have you done?”

Now that you know a bit about who we are and what we’ve done, look through our showcase of prior work, and contact us to let us know how we can help you.